Christian Help for Refugees (CHR) is mere an information management solution. We link the need and the resources, making sure we don’t double our work and everyone’s need is met in a timely fashion.

The actual work (housing refugees, transportation, social and spiritual help, as well as the financing) is done by our partners.

Most major Christian Organizations active in Moldova, as well as many churches from different denominations, already collaborate with us. Some churches went as far as turning their sanctuaries into open-space bedrooms for refugees. These churches decided to broadcast online their worship services for the time being while the influx of refugees was high.

Here’s a list with some of our partners, and some of them have links to their respective websites.

Any church or Christian organization in the Republic of Moldova that provides free services for refugees from Ukraine can become a partner of the CHR project. Please fill out this form in order to become a partner: