Social help

You’re in great distress.

An uncertain future broke into your life forcing you to leave your home behind and head into a journey packed with too many unknowns.

Maybe you have some immediate needs.

Like food and diapers for your baby. Maybe you didn’t have time to pack any clothes or personal objects. Our Christian refugee centers can provide for your immediate needs. There is even a Christian clinic that offers free medical assistance to refugees.

Maybe you are in shock.

Too shocked to cry. Your kids are stressed. You can hardly eat or talk. Please, ask for help. It’s easier to go through hardship when you have people capable to help by your side. There are Christian counselors and pastors ready to listen to you and support you emotionally and psychologically.

Maybe you feel stuck.

You have no place to go. All decisions seem hard, and the stakes are so high. We can offer you a session with a proffesional consultant to assist you sort out through the available opportunities and help you make the right decisions.

All our services to the refugees are FREE, provided by the generosity of Christians from Moldova and from around the world.